Advantages And Disadvantages of Windows 7

Windows 7 officially launched in 2009, and until now the operating system is very widely used. Maybe windows 7 is still widely used by the community because of the way the operation or how to use it pretty easy. By carrying features and good applications will certainly make this operating system can work with the maximum.

Microsoft is a large company that produces one of them is Operating System named Windows. Since the 80s microsoft has been producing the operating system and until now-even Microsoft is always updating its Windows to produce the best operating system and of course convenient to use by consumers. Until now has been circulating Windows version 10 which is the latest claim from microsoft.

Actually windows 7 has its own advantages of other windows. I myself feel more comfortable using windows 7 is because it is more simple and nice time aja used. Of course every product must have advantages and disadvantages, then what are the advantages and disadvantages of windows 7? Here I will discuss it for all friends:

Excess Windows 7
  • Boot faster.
  • Length of boot time (booting delay time) faster.
  • Power Consumption.
  • Power consumption is more efficient, making it more stable than windows Vista due to less power consumption.
  • Optimization in prefetching.
  • Optimization of data load for both HD and SSD.
  • The existence of Device Storage application.
  • New features to make it easier for us to show all things related to certain peripherals, such as configuration and documentation features.
  • You can choose Wireless Network Only with 1 click from system tray.
  • Supports Multi touch technology (touch screen).
  • A faster data retrieval system.
  • Appearance and application More Interesting, among others:

Can open applications simultaneously and displayed side by side.

Home Group
A network system that can connect multiple PCs to the process of sharing files and peripherals.

Jump List
Make it easy to reopen one of the few running apps by just clicking on the pin quickly

Windows Media Center
Can record TV broadcasts, watch TV online

Windows Live Essentials
Users can access offline data and do things for photos, videos and more

Web Slices
Application to bypass the targeted part of a site which is then placed in the Internet Explorer 8 toolbar for easy and quick reference

Parental Control
There are controls in restricting access to children, for example: the timing and length of access that is allowed in children

Lack of Windows 7
  • Some applications can not operate on Windows 7.
  • Bug in Windows Player 12.
  • There is hardware that can be directly recognized in Vista, but not in Windows 7.
  • Hard to force software that previously could be forced installed in Vista, also installed in Windows 7.
  • Windows 7 is easy in translucent virus let alone its 32bit.


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