Kinds of Motherboard Chipset

Chipset is one component found on the motherboard that has a function as a regulator or divider functions in the motherboard. The chipset on the motherboard is used to improve the work of the motherboard itself. On a motherboard there are 2 types of chipsets, the following explanation is complete.

  • Northbridge Chipset

Is the main chipset that serves to manage the data flow performance of the processor associated with the main components on the motherboard, such as AGP Slot, PCI Slot, Memory Slot, and others. Location northbridge chipset is usually located next to the processor or a closer to the processor.
  •  Southbridge Chipset

It is one of the chipsets that acts as a data flow controller of the processor associated with secondary components (not main components) such as Drive, IDE Harddisk, DMA, Interrupt and others.

Chipset is one component that is very influential on the performance of a computer. Because of what? Because this chipset will affect the process speed of the processor. It is known that every motherboard uses different chipsets. Even sometimes every brand motherboard is not necessarily the same as its chipset brand. The chipset used on the motherboard will affect:

  • Completed I / O ports used.
  • The type of memory that supports the motherboard.
  • Completeness of additional features on the motherboard.
  • Type of processor to be used on the motherboard.
  • Adapter display type used.

So, it's good if you want to buy a motherboard then check first chipset existing brands and abilities. Of course, also note the completeness of the components of the motherboard.


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