Dangers Removing Laptop Battery When Used

The laptop battery will last for about 2 hours. How to care for this battery was not careless, should be treated with the best. Letting the laptop stay connected to the adapter without removing the battery will not damage or affect the battery life as each battery on the laptop is designed so that when the battery is full or 100% charged, the battery will stop receiving energy. In other words, the energy that flows from the adapter will be bypassed directly to the laptop's power supply system.

Turning on the laptop in a removable battery state is not the best way to avoid damage to the battery. It will actually cause very fatal damage. The laptop is on with the state of the laptop battery removed and the laptop is on in the position of the laptop charger that continues to connect to the laptop will make the laptop will not last long. Because of what? Because when the laptop battery is removed and the laptop remains on with the help of a charger connected to the power supply, there will be no middleman. Suppose the current is again unstable and we turn the laptop in a battery state on the loose, automatic unstable network that will immediately flow into the laptop motherboard and itupu will accelerate the damage to the motherboard. Usually when using the battery will be safer, because the electric current will be stabilized in the battery.

However, there are conditions where we have to remove the battery, which is when the laptop issued excessive heat. For example when a laptop is used for continuous heavy work like running a game. When laptop hardware releases excess heat, heat will also heat the battery. Well, this heat can damage the battery.
So it is clear that removing the laptop battery when in use will shorten the life of the laptop. And if the laptop excessive heat, of course remove the laptop battery is necessary to extend the life of the battery.

Here are some negative effects of turning on a laptop without a battery:

  • Turning on the laptop in the state of a removable laptop battery will accelerate the damage of electronic devices in the laptop, because these components will receive excessive voltage and electric current.
  • Laptop burning with the help of a stabilizer / UPS can also speed up the damage of electronic components in the laptop because the voltage and current will go directly to the components inside the laptop without going through the voltage converter and regulator circuit.
  • If the power dying die will cause the laptop to die suddenly and it will cause the hard drive, ram and motherboard become damaged. Now want to select which one? Choose to remove the laptop battery or choose the hardware that will be damaged, hehe. It would be better to use the battery when turned on if necessary use an electric voltage regulator.
  • Removing the battery is only for when the laptop is not in use for more than 3 days. The battery can also be removed if the use of more than 12 hours nonstop, with a power socket attached. If only for everyday use should use the battery, to avoid data loss and damage to the system if the electricity died suddenly. Built-in batteries also protect hardware and other hardware modules from extreme power surges, for example due to lightning strikes.

Use laptop batteries with the best do not try to meleasnya when used, it is very dangerous because it will cause a lot of damage to the hardware if the electricity died suddenly.


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