How To Check IP Address With Easy And Fast

How To Check IP Address With Easy And Fast

IP address (Internet Protocol Address or often abbreviated IP) is a series of binary numbers between 32 bits to 128 bits used as identification addresses for each host computer in the Internet network. The length of this number is 32 bits (for IPv4 or IP version 4), and 128 bits (for IPv6 or IP version 6) indicating the address of the computer on a TCP / IP-based Internet network.

IP addressing system is divided into two, namely:

IP Address is like a home address, which of course every home address will vary. Likewise with the IP Address will vary each laptop or computer connected to the Internet network. Then how to see the IP Address that we use when connected to the Internet network? Here we will give you the way.

  1. Go to website  
  2. Then it will open the work page as shown below.

In the picture above will be listed IP Address your computer, exactly as indicated by the arrow above. Then it will also show the browser you use when accessing this site. Then also will listed your connection source, in the picture above is PT. Telecomunikasi Indonesia. And it will also state your country when using the IP Address.


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