How to Fix Laptop Touchpad Not Working

Touchpad is a tool used to replace the performance of the
mos, and this touchpad is included into the permanent device from the laptop.
Here is the picture:

Touchpad is very sensitive to anything, so if we use the touchpad should not be too pressed when using it. Press it slowly and wholeheartedly to avoid damage to the touchpad.

Problems that often occur on this touchpad is often not working or cursor does not want to be moved using the touchpad, then what's the problem?

1. Maybe the combination of keys on the keyboard is depressed. The key combination on the keyboard one of them is to enable and disable the touchpad. Let's say this is my dilaptop Acer brand, the combination button to enable and disable the touchpad is to press Fn + F7. And when the button is pressed kombinsai then automatically toucpad not active. Sometimes problems like this are not realized by the user. Each laptop usually combine buttons vary according to type and brand laptop.

2. There may be a loose cable. The meaning of cable here is a cable that connects the touchpad with the motherboard. If this happens then the laptop should be automatically disassembled.

3. Can also be infected with the virus.

That's a bit of a way to fix a malfunctioning laptop touchpad may be useful.


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