How to Fix Printer Cartridge

This time we will share some tips on how to fix printer cartridge.

Actually there are some things that friends need to know about printer cartridges that have been unknown or poorly understood. Cartridge on the printer will usually have age limitations in its usage. Many of the companies advocate replacing the cartridge after the ink that runs out of it, but of course the company's suggestion to replace the new cartridge will not match the cost we will incur.

Next about the ink, that is how we understand and choose the ink that will be filled or inserted into the cartridge. Keep the ink used has a low level of viscosity, if too thick it will cause the end of the Head Cartridge clogged. Make sure the ink is not mixed with another brand ink. If it is not possible to obtain ink with the same brand, then ink should be in the cartridge must be removed first or in the sense that the ink is completely empty. You can also wash the cartridge first by using warm water before inserting ink with a different brand. If it has already mixed two different ink brands and finally resulted in the print becomes dashed, here we will give way to fix it below.

Preparation of tools and materials :
  • Container of water.
  • The warm water is crystal clear.
  • Ink straws.
  • Tissue.

Steps to repair printer cartridge :

Make sure all the ink contained in the cartridge tube is removed entirely. For the way can by blowing or can also by sucking using ink straws by not using the tip of the needle.
After the ink is partially removed, prepare the first water container used to hold the warm water.
Enter the warm water into the container, making sure that you use warm water instead of hot water. Because if we use hot water, it will cause the plastic in the path of the cartridge head to melt.
Next dip the tip of the cartridge into warm water in approximately 10 to 30 minutes.
After the cartridge is immersed in warm water, then blow the wind using the ink straw repeatedly slowly. This is done to make it easier to remove most of the ink that has been frozen at the end of the head cartridge.
Fill the sterile warm water into the cartridge.
To know the water has come out perfectly on the entire surface of the head then prepare a tissue. If still not perfect, then repeat step number 4 until 6 to clean the head end.
Make sure the cartridge is cleaned and dried from all liquids, either inside or outside the cartridge.
After the cartridge is completely dry, then do the charging ink that has a low viscosity into the cartridge.
If the constraint can not be overcome, means Print Head on the cartridge is damaged and this is caused by the use of the printer repeatedly in a state continuously without stopping.

Wise users, will be able to use the printer well.


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