How to Setting Bios to Can Used to Install windows Using Flashdisk

One of the steps that must be done in order to reinstall windows with the help of flash media is to set the BIOS first. BIOS is where the system settings work on a laptop or computer. In the BIOS later there are some settings such as timing and even we can give a password on the BIOS so that later laptop can be more secure. In the BIOS can also see whether the hardware is read well by what laptop yet.

To be able to enter the BIOS will usually be required to press the F2 key (for my own Acer brand laptop). Each type and brand of laptop to enter the BIOS will usually press a different button. Usually there are several brands and types of laptops that go into the BIOS is required to press the ESC, F1, F10. But generally press F2 and DEL to enter BIOS.

How To Setting Bios Agar Can Be Used To Install Windows Using Flashdisk
  1.  If the laptop is on, please restart the laptop first. If the laptop is totally dead, then turn on the laptop first. After the laptop turns on, moments later we are required to press the button to enter the BIOS. Here I press F2 to enter kebios. At the bottom of the display there will be a command to press what key to enter the BIOS. Do not be late to press the button, if late then the bios setting process will fail.
    1.  After entering the bios, please set Boot.  Set the BIOS exactly as shown above. The obvious placement of USB HDD should be at the top and the others follow.

    Finish the BIOS settings, then the laptop is ready to use to re-install windows.


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