How To Solve Unusable IDMs for Downloading Files

 IDM stands for Internet Download Manager which is the most popular software downloader today. Download with IDM will be faster than using other software downloader. In addition, the download speed can be limited so it does not take up a lot of bandwidth.

Talking about IDM surely we often have problems, one example is idm can not be used to download in any browser. For problems like this is actually a lot of things that cause problems that occur, such as IDM has not been registered, idm not connect with the browser used and others. This time we have set up some tips to solve the problem:

Make sure first that IDM friends have been registered. If you already do the registration please check as follows:

We only use 2 browsers, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Causes idm do not want to download in Mozila Firefox:
1. Try to check like the steps below:

Open Mozila's browser and then click Open Menu located at the top right corner of Mozila's work screen.

2. Then click on Add-Ons (Add-ons), then check on Extensions, whether in the browser friends have installed IDM add-ons or not. If mozilla is usually installed immediately. Only that often the problem is not yet active IDM application in Mozila. If to enable please click Enable and if you want to disable click Disable. Once everything is checked, restart Mozilla and do the downloading test.

 Cause Idm will not download in Google Chrome browser

1. Open the first chrome browser on the laptop friends.

Then go to the google chrome Settings screen located in the top right corner. Then select More tools and click Extensions.

2. Will appear Extension work screen like picture below:

Click Start >> Computer >> Local Disk C >> Program Files >> Internet Download Manager. Once the IDM installation folder is open, then find the IDMGCExt.crx file. Then drag the IDMGCExt.crx file of the Extension work in google chrome. Then finish IDM will appear in Google Chrome Extension, friends will just tick in the Enabled section.


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