Li-FI, Surfing Facility by Using Light

Today's technology is overwhelming and will continue to grow to reach a wider market. Currently there are many kinds of advanced computer technology and communication technologies that can be found around us. One of them is Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi or is the title of Wireless Fidelity is a very popular communication signal delivery technology. This is because its existence can provide convenience for those who will do internet access. Without wires and you can connect to the internet network that is around you. This technology is a very interesting technology and make many people amazed. This is because the first Internet is deployed using a cable but now only by using a transmitter and receiver you can use the internet in accordance with your needs. This technology utilizes the frequency that is around us as one of the signal carrier. This amazing technology is nothing compared to the new communications technology proposed by Harald Haas in his book published in 2011. This new communication technology is a Li-Fi communications technology. If Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity, then Li-Fi stands for Light Fidelity.

The advantages of Li-Fi
One of the advantages possessed by signals that use this light is the speed of conductivity. In addition there are still advantages possessed by this Li-Fi. Anything? Ease is definitely a plus for this technology. Light or light is a very easy thing to find all over the world, even in remote places in Indonesia. This causes internet access with high speed will be felt by many people around the world even those who exist throughout the country. There are many advantages possessed by librarians owned by Li-Fi, this is one thing that makes its existence becomes very profitable.

Disadvantages of Li-Fi technology
Although it has advantages that are very profitable for the lovers of computers and high-speed internet. The existence of Li-Fi also still has shortcomings. One drawback it has is similar to the use of other signal reception like waves and frequency on Wi-Fi when we use Li-Fi technology, the existence of light is very important. Therefore when the presence of light is not so great, then the reception of Internet signals from Li-Fi will also be disrupted. This is one of the drawbacks. Although there is, but the lack of Li-Fi technology does not cause fatal losses so there are more advantages than the shortcomings.

Another lack of this technology. The technology that can be used using this light can only operate by using artificial light. Direct sunlight is one of the disruptions of this technology. This makes the use of this Li-Fi technology can only be done in a dark room with very bright light illumination. In addition, the use of Li-Fi is also not able to penetrate the building due to interference from sunlight as mentioned earlier.


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