The Difference Between VGA Nvidia And ATI Radeon

Graphics / Vga Nvidia and ATI is a videocard that serves to refine / clarify the display graphics laptop or computer. Moreover, the game lovers may already be familiar with this kind of thing. Surely the true gamers need a very good graphical display.

In fact both Nvidia and ATI have their own fans. ATI fans always assume that the quality of the image produced ATI videocard better than Nvidia. While in the camp Nvidia, fans declared otherwise.

Both of these graphics are very master the computer world market today. In fact, both are competing with each other to show the advantages of the product. For lovers of the game is to two graphics is not in doubt in the matter of images and graphics. Even the two graphics are mutually update their products and series to remain competitive in the world of the market. Nvidia and ATI Radeon themselves are used to support external graphics on laptops.

Differences Nvidia and Ati Radeon

In terms of performance both have shortcomings and advantages are quite a lot and not enough to explain all. Here are some basic differences:

  • If you like the music player software then AMD Radeon is better, this is because of the many supporters of video extension than Nvidia Geforce and Radeon also features UVD that does not exist on Nvidia Geforce.
  • Nvidia has a physx feature that works to make the display in the game you play look more clear and clear. This is because the process of processing the game data is transferred to physx GPU and only works on Geforce High End graphics, and if AMD has features like this but the processing is loaded on the CPU.
  • VGA Nvidia is great at playing dirext 11 games but less while playing dirext 9 and 10 based games than AMD Radeon.
  • The two graphs each have different architectures, so they have different advantages and disadvantages.
  • In need of video editing VGA Nvidia Geforce more reliable than AMD Radeon.


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