Understanding And Types Of Repeaters

Understanding And Types of Repeaters - Repeater (signal amplifier) ​​is an electronic device that receives signals and retransmits these cues with higher power, so the cues can reach a wider area.

The signal amplifier (repeater) is derived from the term telegraphy and refers to the electromechanical devices used by the army to regenerate telegraph cues. The use of the term continues in telephone and data communications. In the wireless communications industry is a signaling device that serves to increase the capability of mobile phone signals within a region. The signal amplifier consists of the receiving antenna, signal amplifier, and signal sending antenna.

The purpose of this signal amplifier is to make it easier for mobile users and telecommunication networks to get good and strong gestures with wireless or wireless networks, so communication becomes smoother and better. 

Types of Repeaters

The gesture amplifier is divided into 3 frequencies:

  • GSM

For mobile communication, gesture amplifiers work at 900 MHz and 1800 MHz (GSM) frequencies. Because of the obstacles that occur between the base station and the mobile station, for example due to the structure of the building, other barrier material or long distances, the signal received by the mobile device can have a low quality. This low quality can cause communication to be interrupted, ranging from dashed to drop call. With the use of "GSM Repeater" these weak cues are taken and amplified with the help of yagi antennas for outdoor antenna and then passed through the coaxial to the "repeater" unit. This "repeater" unit is filtered with a band pass filter at frequencies of 800 or 1800. It is then transmitted to the indoor antenna through coaxial for re-radiating indoors. The main requirement of GSM repeater usage should be minimal signal input.

  • CDMA

Cdma that moves at a frequency of 800Mhz, and works on 2G technology. CDMA frequency does not have a good signal when compared with GSM cues. Code division multiple access (CDMA) is a form of multiplexing (not a modulation scheme) and a shared access method that divides channel over time (as in TDMA) or frequency (as in FDMA), but by encoding data with a code Specifically associated with each existing channel and using the constructive interference properties of the particular codes to perform the multiplexing. With the use of "CDMA Repeater" these weak cues are taken and amplified with the help of yagi antennas for outdoor antenna and then passed through the coaxial to the "repeater" unit. This "repeater" unit is filtered with band pass filter at 800Mhz frequency. Then channeled to the indoor antenna through coaxial to be re-emitted indoors.

  • 3G

3G (from English: third-generation technology) is a standard defined by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) adopted from IMT-2000 [1] to be applied on mobile phone networks. This term is generally used in reference to the development of wireless phone technology of the third version. Through 3G, mobile phone users can have instant access to the internet with bandwidth up to 384 kilobits every second when the device is at rest or move as fast as a pedestrian. This fast access is a mainstay of 3G which is certainly capable of providing various facilities to users such as watching videos directly from the internet or talking to others using video. 3G beats all its predecessors, both GSM and GPRS. Some of the world's cellular companies will make 3G a new standard for wireless networks in the emerging markets or emerging markets.

Benefit of Repeater

  • The connection is not intermittent when you connect the internet, unless it is a network operator that is again problematic.
  •  Gestures become stable and do not go up and down, this is better because it makes the connection smooth.
  • Makes the modem not heat fast, because usually the fast heat modem is caused by unstable signal reception.
  • Extend the battery life, because if the signal is not good then the cellular will drain more battery.
  • Communication is getting smoother even in remote areas and very far from urban settlements.


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